About Us:



MyTownYourTown is the pet project of Alex, who has travelled extensively around the world. The daughter of a German engineer and an Australian real estate agent, travel was an important part of her childhood. Since then she has lived in Australia, Germany, China and Singapore and has travelled around Europe, Asia and North America. One of the most important things about travel is getting to know new people and understanding what life can be life in other places. MyTownYourTown is her attempt to bring people together around the world, to build friendships and understanding.


Alex is ably assisted by Kurt, another Australian-German who has the skills and know how to run the site.


In addition, Alex and Kurt call upon travellers around the world to contribute and make this site a hub for a new community. Show someone around, make new friends, gain new understandings and make the world a friendlier place. #payitforward